Adjusting Nitrogen Rates for Crop Potential

Adjusting N Rates for Crop Potential

The Right Rate of Nitrogen: A Simple Way to Adjust N Rates for Corn Crop Potential

After compiling research from the past two years we know the amount of N that a crop needs is just as variable as the nitrogen in the ground. A field with high yield potential (230+ bu) will need 300+ lbs of N to meet it’s potential. A 200 bushel crop of corn requires about 220 lbs. The key to not running out of “gas” is to know how much you need to get to your destination!

A good rule of thumb is that corn will have 50% of its N out of the ground by V10. If you have 100 lbs removed at V10 your crop will remove approximately 200 lbs.  Last year the best performing field we measured removed 170 lbs by V10!

How do we measure crop potential?
By measuring the amount of N removed from the ground.

When should you measure crop potential?
We can assess how much N your crop will need starting at knee high corn through to tassel and you can use this information to adjust your late N application.

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